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Grace Garden

students gardening

Students in the greenhouse with flowers they have grown for the graduation stage.

Grace Program science classes and the Earth Stewards after-school club manage these outdoor projects.

1. Make compost to reduce greenhouse gas and improve soil

2. Grow good food in the Piner garden for the culinary department and for students

3. Grow native plants to support wildlife 

4. Grow pollinator plants like native milkweed to bring back Monarch Butterflies

5. Manage a rain garden that lets rainwater recharge groundwater

6. Care for a lavender garden

7. Grow fruits and berries

All projects use earth-friendly practices that do not harm other organisms and help local ecosystems.

Students see science in an outdoor lab.  The science in the classroom is observed in the garden.

Marlena Hirsch is the teacher with the vision for these projects.