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Textbook Questions

The Library is where you will go to check in and check out all of your textbooks.
Here are some commonly asked questions.

When do I pick up my textbooks?
The Library will hold a main textbook distribution at the beginning of the school year. If you need a book outside of our main distribution, please stop by the Library and we will be glad to help you.

Do I have to return my books every school year?
Yes, you need to return your books each and every school year.
Most students will return their books during finals week. If for any reason you are no longer using a book for one of your classes, please return your book to the Library. Your Library account needs to be clear before you leave at the end of the school year. Do not keep your books during the summer.

Is there a way to see my Library Account online?
Yes, you can log into your Library Account and see what books and fees are on your account. You can also browse our Library and request a book.

Use this link to go to Destiny Discover.

Log into your account.

Username: Your 6 digit Student ID # (example 123456)
Password: Your 4 digit Birth Year (example: 2008)

Once you are logged in choose My Stuff

Checkouts: Shows you your current items out
Fines: Shows you your overdue items

If I am a Senior do I have to return my books before Graduation?
Yes, you will need to return all books, your Chromebook and Chromebook Charger to the Library before you will be able to pick up your graduation tickets or diploma. Once your account is clear and all items have been returned you will be able to pick up you Senior Library Clearance slip in the Library. It is in your best interest to do this early, lines can be long.

If I lose or damage my book, will I have to pay for my book?
If you damage your book, bring it into the Library right away. If we can repair the damage, you will not be charged. If we cannot repair your book, you may be charged. The amount you will be charged will depend on the extent of your book's damage.
If you lose or damage your book, you may have the option to replace your book. Ask the Library staff for more information about replacing your book or see our "How to Replace a Textbook" flyer here. Please note that not all of our books can be replaced. Check with the Library before you place your order and ensure that your book is replaceable.

If the option to replace your book is not available, you will need to pay for your book. We do accept cash, checks, debit or credit cards.

What if I return a book that does not belong to me?
When you check out a book at the Library, you provide us with your Student ID Card. Each book's bar code is then scanned and assigned to your Student ID Number. When a book is returned, the bar code is scanned and the book is cleared from the account it was originally assigned to. If you return a book that does not belong to you, it will be cleared from the student's account that is was originally assigned to.
If you mix your book up with a friend's book, you may think you are returning your book. Your friend's book will be cleared from their account but you will still have to return your book. 
Please be careful not to mix up books when in class or studying together. Writing your name on the inside front cover of your book in the designated area will help with book identification if books are mixed up.

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