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Kurt Kruger

My name is Kurt Kruger and I have spent my entire career at PHS.  I currently teach Space Science, GIS 1 & 2, and Earth Science.  I am also the STEM Coordinator at Piner and SPARQ Center Director.  Part of my responsibilities as STEM Coordinator include helping Piner Students with their STEM Certificate Level 1, 2, and 3 work.  Some experiential projects I run for students include using the SPARQ Observatory to do Photometric Research Projects and Astrophotography along with the Professional Rocketry Group.  I thrive on exciting students to do the process of Science in projects and experiential activities so that they understand that science is a process by which we ask and answer questions in a reliable, testable, verifiable way to discover truth.  I believe that it is vitally important for students to be scientifically literate citizens.  In my spare time I enjoy motorcycling, music, and outdoor activities.