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Library Services and Expectations

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 3:30pm during the school year.
Please stop by before school, brunch, lunch and after school.

Here are some of the services the Library offers as well as what you can expect when you visit the Library.

Relax and Read
We hope you find the Library a place to relax and read a good book. Library books can be checked out and taken home for up to three weeks.

Our Library is a great place to study. We have printing stations and supplies available. If you need anything, please ask us.

Visiting with Friends
Come in and visit with your friends, we have lots of space. Please remember, when you are visiting with friends, keep your voices at a level that will not disturb those who may be studying.

Food and Drink 
Regretfully, food and drinks, other than water, are not allowed in the Library. If you chose to eat or drink in the Library you will be asked leave. 

Since you are not able to print from your Chromebook, the Library has printing stations available. These stations are designed for you to log into your Google account and print your document(s). Please make sure you log out of your Google account when you are done printing. The computers at the printing stations are to be used for printing only, do not work on your document at the printing station, use your Chromebook to complete your document first, then proceed to the printing station. We do not want other students who need to print their document(s) to have a lengthy wait time.
Black and White - Free for school related printing
Black and White - 10¢ per page for non school related printing
Color - 25¢ per page for color printing

Library or Textbooks - Checkouts, Book Returns or Paying a Fine
If you would like to checkout a library or textbook, return a book or pay a fine, the Library staff will be glad to help you. For commonly asked Textbook Questions, please visit our link.

Student ID Cards
Once you have had your school photo taken, ID cards will be distributed in the Business Office. If you need another card during the school year, the Library can print an additional card for you for a $5.00 fee.

Enjoy and remember to always be respectful to staff and your fellow students.