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Health Science & Biotechnology Pathway

HSB 1   Investigations in Science Mark Mantoani

HSB 2 Sarah Heyne

HSB 3 Advanced Investigations & Career Placements  Eric Cecil

Three years of great science experiments, career exploration, field trips, and internships.

Year 1 Highlights

 DNA/Molecular Techniques  Microbiology

 Human Health/Occupations

 Environmental Science Year 2 Highlights

Year 2 Highlights

 Sports Medicine Techniques

 Anatomy & Physiology

 Dissections

 Nutrition/Diet Analysis Year 3 Highlights

Year 3 Highlights

 ELISA/Pregnancy Testing

 UTI  HIV/Disease Pathology

 Plasmid Transformations

 Senior Seminar on Career Internships

What do you want to learn?How do you want to learn?

Each year SSU genetics students design a customized lab experience for our genetics unit at Piner. We have had units based on crime solving/forensics and exploring and testing genetically modified foods (GMO’s).

HOSA is a student leadership opportunity for health minded students. Our Piner Chapter volunteers for health related community projects like iWalk, health screening events and the food bank. HOSA promotes health on the Piner campus, with lunch seminars, health fairs and awareness events. HOSA also prepares lessons for elementary students and annually prepares for competition at a 3-day conference for health topics.